Not every home sells for its full potential value and that’s often because the finest features are either hidden or under-presented. You can add many thousands to your sale price simply by showing off what’s already there.

Even though furniture and styling play their part, buyers are ultimately paying for the fabric of your home and that’s how estate agents, mortgage lenders and surveyors will appraise the value of your property.

So it makes sound financial sense to make the most of what you’ve got by highlighting all the existing character and space. When you get it right, it’s a surefire way to wow your buyers, from stunning photography online to a fantastic viewing experience and in this blog, we’ll show you how.


When buyers arrive outside your home, those first few moments can truly make or break a sale. So focus on highlighting the natural external character to start your viewings off on the right foot.

  • Try the Victorian art of creating a more expensive look by painting external woodwork in rich deep tones, it’s a trick that works on any style of home, old or new.
  • Clean the brickwork and either restore the stonework or paint it with a realistic stone-like masonry paint like London Stone or Stony Ground from Farrow & Ball (or have them colour-matched to a different brand at a paint-mixing centre).
  • Uncover and renovate original pathways, jet wash between pavers and tiles and tidy up the front lawn and plants.
  • Make your front door feel special by cleaning and repairing any glass panels to increase the natural light in your hall and polish metal finishes like letterboxes, locks and handles.

These first impressions really do count, so don’t miss the chance to get your buyers excited about what’s waiting inside.


Buyers automatically look down when they step into a home, which means your floors get a lot of attention. How they look and feel underfoot makes a big difference to the viewing experience, so give yours plenty of attention to put the spring in their step!

  • It’s hard to go wrong with wooden floors, particularly original floorboards and parquet that look fabulous when stripped and oiled.
  • Could you have some original tiles waiting to be rediscovered beneath the flooring in your entrance hall or kitchen? Revealing and renovating them will definitely win you fans.
  • Give any carpets a deep clean to rejuvenate their pile, restore their colour and remove dark dust lines around the edges.

Finally, don’t forget about visible floor space. The more there is, the bigger your home will feel, so clear the sightlines to windows, get clutter off floors, lift plant pots onto stands and play with moving or removing furniture. One small change can make a massive difference.


Something we notice all the time on viewings is how people gravitate towards the windows. Light is a big factor for buyers and the way you dress and present your windows has a huge impact on someone’s experience of your home.

  • Make sure any curtains open beyond the width of windows and patio doors to show more glass and pull in more light.
  • Replace any cracked or broken panes, then get cleaning. It’s incredible how much brighter everything feels with daylight streaming through sparkling windows.
  • Use mirrors to give your rooms extra depth by reflecting the outside while amplifying the natural light even more.

Of course, viewings can also happen when it’s dark outside. So if you’ve got any cold white lightbulbs in your ceiling lights or lamps, swap them for soft-tone LEDs to make every corner feel more inviting and your buyers feel extra warm and cosy.


Although a modern kitchen and bathroom are major selling points, buyers will also pay more for a home packed with features from when it was built, whether that’s the 1850s or the 1950s. So leave no stone unturned in looking around and see what you can discover.

  • Look for any interior doors that may have been panelled over to see if you can reveal their original style. You could even swap old wooden panels for etched glass to increase the light flow around your home.
  • Uncover hidden features, beams and interesting pieces of structure by removing any lowered ceilings.
  • Bring out the details in decorative coving and ceiling roses by unclogging layers of paint with a light wire brush, then add a stylish pendant or chandelier from retailers like Next and John Lewis, or head to auction houses for a vintage find.
  • Skirting boards, picture rails, architraves, window frames, doors and original cupboards don’t have to be painted gloss white. In fact, colour-matching them to your walls can exaggerate the size of your rooms while adding a sense of calm.

Finally, a very simple measure that doesn’t require any decorating is to give your woodwork a really good clean. Sometimes, all it takes is a good old scrub to transform and revive its appearance.


Unless you’ve got underfloor heating, the chances are you’ve got radiators and perhaps even a fireplace or two in your home. Are you making the most of how they look?

  • For traditional fireplaces, strip the paint from any marble, cast iron, timber or tiles to reveal their full glory, then make sure they’re an eye-catching centrepiece. Choose logs and fire tools for a working grate, or style with candlesticks, art, plants or even books.
  • Contemporary glass-fronted fireplaces are designed to be accessory-free but placing a low-level shelf in front, with some well-chosen glassware, ceramics and coffee-table books can create an elevated and artistic display.
  • Got boring radiators? Give them a designer touch by rolling on an oil-based paint in a striking contemporary colour, or match them to your walls to disappear into your decor.

Remember: warmth doesn’t just come from the heat of your fireplaces and radiators, it also comes from how you present them and how they add character and style to your home.


What’s your next step?

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